Sons of Summer by Carly Simon, 1975

This is a lovely song, featuring Carly’s patented self-harmonizing and a piano. It’s a melancholy about the loss of youth, remembering the “wine mug nights” (what a great image!) and ending:

The woods get cold and I feel too old
I begin to questioning your schoolboy soul
Clever remarks that once won my heart
When the fire won’t light, they lose their spark
And I can’t help but feel a little bit blue
Thinking ’bout the precious nothing we once knew

This was a very mature song, considering it came from the same Playing Possum album that contained dreck like “Attitude Dancing” and the infamous cover photo of Carly kneeling in jackboots and a teddy. She has since tried to fashion herself as a torch singer, but she’s never done better than this song.

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