Dancing With Joey Ramone by Amy Rigby, 2005

This is a lovely little tribute to Joey Ramone, with a perfect sloppy-rock rhythm which is a half-speed version of the classic Ramones riffs. Amy reminds me of the girl in Bowling for Soup’s “Girl All The Bad Guys Want.” It’s nice to see a fan song obsessing over Joey – not exactly a sex symbol, if you get my drift. And the little coda at the end always brings tears to my eyes for some reason. Amy Rigby is married to Wreckless Eric, of Stiffs Live fame, and I really need to hunt down some of her other work.

Like so many of the other songs here, I discovered “Dancing with Joey Ramone” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage on SiriusXM. If you’re sirius (sorry, couldn’t resist) about great music, you need to be listening to Channel 25 every waking moment.

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