In Praise of “Hullabaloo”

If you really want to check out all the great ’60s acts, and see them in their natural habitat, we have the great archives from “Hullabaloo.” The show ran on NBC from January 1965 to April 1966 (just over a year!), and any act worth seeing appeared on it. Along with its ABC cousin, “Shindig” (which ran from September 1964 to January 1966 -jeez, things burned out quick in the ’60s), they are an invaluable collection of music acts. A lot of the videos here at Cloth Monkey Radio are from these two shows. But if you really want to dig in and wallow in this stuff, the above is a link to 2,381(!) clips from the two shows, plus “Shivaree” (a local LA show that also ran in the golden ’65-’66 timeframe) and “Shebang,” a Casey Kasem syndicated show that ran a little longer, from ’65 to ’68. Watch out – this stuff is pretty addictive.

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